Updated Method of Transportation

So, I went on a short trip this weekend and had to fly, due to where I am and where I was going. I do not entirely mind flying, it does not scare me, but, in general the whole experience is not the most pleasant. In all the advancements that we have created in technology, the basics of transportation have not changed in a while. We have made things more fuel efficient, bigger, etc, but most of the basics of the transportation is the same.

A car is a car, you get in, you turn a key to start, you press pedals to go and you sit there and turn a wheel to go straight or turn. We can make seats more comfortable, advanced the safety ratings, but the use of the items is still basically the same. Every time I fly all I can think about is the fact that they keep showing all these advanced methods of transportation in movies and books yet I still have to get to an airport two hours before my flight and sit around waiting to board. Then it is sitting around on the flight and then by the end you just feel gross, dirty, and tired. Isn’t there a better way?


Whenever I fly my first thought is always that wouldn’t it be nice to be able to teleport. If I could just be able to teleport to where I wanted to be or more importantly to be able to teleport home after being on vacation. Even if I had to fly somewhere else first and could only teleport home afterwards it would be so nice because the journey there is often nicer than the journey back. So obviously if teleportation is possible there are potential logistics for how to do it.

First of all there has to be a teleportation platform to start with. In Star Trek there is a pad that can teleport people both directions. You first have to stand on the pad and they arrange the point to send people to. Then to return to the teleport pad they have to get a lock on them and teleport them back. So if the technology did exist there would be a few options for how it could be used.

One option would be for there to be a location such as an airport and you could schedule a time to travel and there could be multiple teleportation pads people could use. You could schedule your time to teleport and then they could send you to any location, but to return you would have to schedule with a teleportation pad near your destination location to send you home. It would still require scheduling, but you could send multiple people on multiple pads. You could also show up less time before your scheduled time instead of the usual two hours that is required for air travel. It would take less time, and you could take short trips anywhere without having to waste all sorts of time.

So another option that would be awesome is to just be able to teleport home. If you could have a teleportation device built into your home that would allow you to teleport one direction it would still take away half of the pain of travel. You could fly to wherever you wanted to go and have to take all the time to get there. Then you can stay as long as you want. You wouldn’t have to schedule when to get back because you could do it at any moment. Sometimes the hardest part of the trip is the time it takes to get home. When you are done with your trip every moment in an airport and on a plane can feel like forever. The ability to just press a button and get home would be fabulous.

Other Ideas

Teleportation is the first thought and at the same time the more unreasonable thought because really the likelihood of such a technology existing seems pretty slim, but I might be wrong. Some more practical ideas might be such things as flying cars, or getting to the point that we can travel faster. I am not exactly sure how this would look, flying cars, maybe even trains that could travel without tracks, cars that drive themselves. The main point that I would like to see in advancement of transportation is less time waiting. Whether this be waiting to board the transport vehicle, less time waiting on the transport vehicle, whatever, but the waiting time of travel really is the most annoying aspect.


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