Daily Archives: May 27, 2013

Updated Method of Transportation

So, I went on a short trip this weekend and had to fly, due to where I am and where I was going. I do not entirely mind flying, it does not scare me, but, in general the whole experience is not the most pleasant. In all the advancements that we have created in technology, the basics of transportation have not changed in a while. We have made things more fuel efficient, bigger, etc, but most of the basics of the transportation is the same.

A car is a car, you get in, you turn a key to start, you press pedals to go and you sit there and turn a wheel to go straight or turn. We can make seats more comfortable, advanced the safety ratings, but the use of the items is still basically the same. Every time I fly all I can think about is the fact that they keep showing all these advanced methods of transportation in movies and books yet I still have to get to an airport two hours before my flight and sit around waiting to board. Then it is sitting around on the flight and then by the end you just feel gross, dirty, and tired. Isn’t there a better way? Continue reading