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Star Trek Into Darkness – A LitFlix

Leading up to Star Trek Into Darkness... Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness!

Leading up to Star Trek Into Darkness… Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness!

There’s a lot that could be said about Star Trek: Into Darkness. I am sure there are people all over the Internet doing so. My discussion here, as part of our series of LitFlix, is an exploration of Star Trek: Into Darkness in terms of its source material.

Perhaps little known, before each of the recent Star Trek reboot movies, there has been a prequel comic. I actually only recently finished reading the one for the first Star Trek reboot, so I’ll talk a bit about that comic as well. Then we’ll consider the original series, and some of its implications for this rebooted movie, to round out the source material.

Because the prequel comic definitely was not what the movie was about. Spoilers follow for Star Trek: Into Darkness!

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