Made the Xbox 360 Worth It

With the new consoles being released there is the question of whether you can keep playing Xbox 360 games and what the new games will be. I am definitely someone that does not want to buy a new console unless there is either one game that is so amazing and will take so much time that it will make it worth it or at least 2 or 3 games that I want to play. Part of the problem that I had early on with the Xbox 360 and PS3 was that there were not enough games that I wanted to play to make me want to buy it early on.

The Wii on the other hand was so innovative with what you could do. I still love playing Wii Sports, and playing Zelda where you are actually swinging the sword was so awesome. I had a Wii before I bought the Xbox 360 and David and I still have not gotten a PS3. So looking back here, are there Xbox 360 games that made the console worth it?

Final Fantasy XIII / Final Fantasy XIII-2

Not only did we get Final Fantasy XIII on the X-Box, but we got the limited edition Final Fantasy XIII X-Box. Complete with the cover we don't use because we don't stand our X-Box up... and it looks a little odd lying sideways.

Not only did we get Final Fantasy XIII on the X-Box, but we got the limited edition Final Fantasy XIII X-Box. Complete with the cover we don’t use because we don’t stand our X-Box up… and it looks a little odd lying sideways.

So I know that technically this is two different games, but part of the tipping point for me getting the Xbox 360 was Final Fantasy XIII being available on the platform. At the same time Final Fantasy XIII, while still a great game and gorgeous, is another Final Fantasy game. It was also a bit problematic with separating the characters from each other for such a long period and for it being very linear for the first half of the game. At the same time I would not have bought the Xbox 360 without it.

At the same time the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII was awesome. Final Fantasy XIII-2 was such an amazing game to play and the way it dealt with time travel is possibly one of my favorite video game stories. The game play, the story, the characters and the ability to train monsters was such a great experience. I enjoyed every minute trying to get to 100% completion. So it is kind of a long chain, but Final Fantasy is one of my favorite game series and being able to play it on the Xbox 360 made it totally worth it.

Mass Effect

Yep, it's like the whole series, right here.

Yep, it’s like the whole series, right here.

The choices, the story, the gameplay, etc. of Mass Effect really paved the way for other games. I am so happy that I got to play Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. It made me want to play and find more. Games that can keep you going even through the sometimes tedium of game play are totally worth playing. In Mass Effect you want to find out everything you can because all the questions and answers shape the world that you are simultaneously playing in and creating.

(I do not include Mass Effect 3 in this list because it let me down, it felt less like I had created a world and more like someone defined it for me no matter my choices)

Dragon Age

So good.

So good.

Okay, so it is another BioWare game so in some ways there is an expectation of it being good. The choices you are presented with in Dragon Age and Dragon Age 2 were so good. We will see where Dragon Age 3 goes, but so far I feel like the choices that I have made in the game matters for the story. There seem to be consequences to your actions  and not just moving along a pre-determined path. I have gotten distracted by other games, but Dragon Age is a game I could play again and want to because of how many choices you can make and endings that can be discovered. There are still so many questions to be answered, but I have loved the journey to discovering them.


You know you like a game when you preorder the collector's edition of the sequel. They're kind enough to give you shiny art books!

You know you like a game when you preorder the collector’s edition of the sequel. They’re kind enough to give you shiny art books!

This game was fan-frickin-tastic and it was multi-player, which for David and I just makes it that much better. I had never been a big player of first person shooters before, I had tried them, but had never really gotten very invested in them. With Borderlands I could get invested because not only was it a first person shooter, it had story. The story is ridiculous, but so much fun and over the top. Unlike some shooters this just made everything a level above ridiculous which makes it so much fun. This is one of David and my favorite games – and the sequel kept up the awesome.

This is not all the games that I have played or love playing, but they are the games that I would say have made owning the Xbox 360 worth it. What games made you want to buy the Xbox 360 or PS3?

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