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Nudity and HBO

(Due to the nature of this discussion it might be considered R-rated, if you do not like to discuss genitals or sexual organs then please do not read this post)


A typical scene from Littlefinger’s brothel

So on The Mary Sue there was an interesting discussion about one of the actresses from The Game of Thrones refusing to due any more nude scenes. Even in the books The Game of Thrones is very R-rated. They discuss people having sex with each other, brothels, etc, but the show definitely takes it to another level. Now when nudity is done right and has an actual purpose it is not a bad thing. There are definitely times on the show that nudity feels in-character and makes sense for the situation that they are in.

Then there are the times where it feels like the fourth wall is broken and you have these nudity or sex scenes that are just there to smack you in the face and remind you that you are watching HBO. Now HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and all of those premium channels do not have to follow any rules, except for the ones the companies set themselves. At the same time if this is the case then why is it that we get the full frontal female, but we can never show the possibility of a penis? Continue reading