Post-Review – Series Seven of Doctor Who

We got into the Doctor's Head this series - but did we get any answers while we were there?

We got into the Doctor’s Head this series – but did we get any answers while we were there?

Before the second half of Doctor Who Series Seven aired, I blogged about some of the ongoing questions from Doctor Who that remained unanswered. I asked the questions – what answers did they give us?

Doctor Who is one of our favorite shows, and we are enjoying the process of them revealing the secrets. This season, in particular, is interesting – as they are playing with the fact that it is the 50th anniversary year.

Let’s look back at my questions, and consider what they’ve answered so far! Spoilers for Series Seven of Doctor Who!

Why Did The T.A.R.D.I.S. Explode?

Okay, so we've toured the T.A.R.D.I.S., but why did it explode?

Okay, so we’ve toured the T.A.R.D.I.S., but why did it explode?

So what did I have to say about this?

We close Series 5 of Doctor Who hanging on this question. Why did the T.A.R.D.I.S. explode? Everything else follow logically from this question: sure, you get a crazy paradox land that is melting away, you get cracks in the universe, you get the Doctor not knowing about it until it is close to happening… okay. But the T.A.R.D.I.S. was sabotaged.

I mean, okay, we lead from there directly into the episodes introducing the Silence. Is the assumption we are supposed to make that there was a Silence on board who sabotaged the T.A.R.D.I.S.? If so, that is not made clear.

Well, we’re not starting in a great place. This is still unanswered – and really, basically, my theory above is still the best we have. It might have been neat for this to be something caused by The Great Intelligence – and which Oswin decided not to change because it turned out right. But there isn’t even a hint that this happened.

The Silence

When even the Daleks have forgotten the Doctor, he's pretty much gone.

When even the Daleks have forgotten the Doctor, he’s pretty much gone.

Nothing really came up about the Silence this season. What did I have to say?

  • The Silence believe the Doctor must die. What’s going on?

  • The Silence claim to have been fighting a long and bitter war against the Doctor. Have we already seen this war play out? Or is much of it yet to come?

Okay, so what we do have is the Doctor carefully removing himself from history – so that the Silence and others believe that he is dead. We are shown this most blatantly in The Asylum of the Daleks, when the Daleks themselves are made to forget the Doctor. However, there are several other references, most notably in a Nightmare in Silver, when the Cybermen are reading the Doctor’s mind – and find his plan to remove himself from history.

I’m sure that’s not going to come back to bite him.

So we have a solid reason why the Silence don’t make an appearance. And, we see at least some of the reason that they don’t want the Doctor to go to Trenzalore – so let’s look harder at that.

Silence Must Fall – The Fields of Trenzalore – The Fall of the Eleventh

The Name of the Doctor

Well played, Steven Moffat.

So, we went to the Fields of Trenzalore – the site of what is apparently the Doctor’s last, great battle. And in his Eleventh regeneration as the Doctor, as well. So what did I have to say about this?

Will we reach the Fields of Trenzalore and the Fall of the Eleventh? You better believe it! So what does it mean that Silence Will Fall?

So, several parts to this question, and answered not as we might have expected! Did we go to Trenzalore? Yes! However, was it the day when none can fail to answer, the day when all must speak the truth? Like they promised in this teaser pre-episode?

Nope. We went into the Doctor’s own timestream, as promised – only into his future, instead of his past. Meaning, the battle that happens there is still to come, in the future. The Fall of the Eleventh is still to come.

And it means that we do not yet know what is meant by Silence Will (Must) Fall. However, we see a glimpse of this. When the Doctor’s timestream was being rewritten by the Great Intelligence, and the Doctor’s life was being rewritten, whole stars were being wiped out. As the Veiled Detective asks, how many worlds has the Doctor saved? And all of those saving moments being undone? The universe would end. Or be run by the Daleks.

Or the Time War would still be happening.

Thus, Silence would fall over the universe, without the Doctor. Maybe. Maybe that’s what it means. However, I still think that this, and answers to it, are yet to come. Like maybe in the 50th Anniversary Special – segue!

Check back next time when I explore my expectations and anticipations for the 50th Anniversary Special, based on the cliffhanger they left us with! Meanwhile, what other things do you think were – or weren’t – handled well in Series Seven of Doctor Who?


6 responses to “Post-Review – Series Seven of Doctor Who

  1. As likable as Jenna-Louise Coleman is, Clara (in her present day form) really didn’t have much of a personality. If I could describe the season in one word, it would be “scattered”. There was never really a clear focus or any worth-while character development. As for the finale, there were no consequences for any of the actions taken. As quickly as things went wrong, things were instantly set right again.


    • There was a strange, disjointed character to the season. It started back with the Ponds – the companions were living at home all season. The Doctor picked them up, went somewhere with them, and took them back. Same thing with Clara. A lot of the episodes started just at the adventure, then, with no pick-up moment or intro – the sort of moment where some character development often could happen. They got rid of those moments that were just the Doctor and his companion, with all of the good that can come from that.


      • The first half of the series was wasted on Amy and Rory. Had the Doctor actually been allowed to grow as a character and just stuck with everything that happened at the end of “The God Complex” he could have just left those two to lead their lives, finally accepting that he is a danger to them.

        Clara just popped back in for adventures with the Doctor the same was she would a dental appointment. He didn’t really have a plan to amaze her, nor did he seem particularly excited in traveling himself. She was just a mystery he needed to solve, and now that he has, all of a sudden they are crying, hugging, and acting like the best of friends even though she’s been kept at arm’s length through the whole series.


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