Daily Archives: May 20, 2013

LitFlix: The Great Gatsby

This weekend David and I went to see our latest exploration of LitFlix, The Great Gatsby. It can be interesting when a movie is based on a classic novel because there is often so much already known about the book or at least an air about the book that can be hard to overcome. So I have to start out saying that while I did enjoy the book and the movie, most of the characters are really just despicable people, which ultimately is kind of the point of the story.

So for those who do not know The Great Gatsby is a love story, but it is also about the self indulgence of Americans in the 1920’s. It also has an interesting look at fulfilling your hope and dreams or being practical. The movie practically contained every line from the book so it is hard to compare in that way, but there are some other items that I think can be discussed with a book like this.(Spoilers for The Great Gatsby to follow) Continue reading