New Finds on the Internet

Recently, Holly and I dropped cable, keeping just the basic channels. This has left us re-evaluating some of how we interact with media. For instance, we’re pretty sure that buying season passes to the shows we watched on cable will be way cheaper than paying for cable – especially given the fact that we tend to buy those same shows on DVD later.

So meanwhile, we’ve started watching a lot more on YouTube. And while we recommended some blogs and YouTube channels early on, we thought we had some more to give you. Beyond just The Fine Bros, who we have also recommended.


We actually only just found this channel a couple of days ago, and have sadly already watched most all of the videos. On CinemaSins, they go through problems in movies – be they plot points, bad editing, bad decision-making, or just running jokes.

In fact, we get a point because Liam Neeson doesn’t kill anyone in this blog post.

I recommend them all, but given Star Trek has a sequel coming out this week, here’s the video for Star Trek:

Epic Meal Time

Seriously, this show should not be this entertaining. We actually started watching this because we saw the host on YouTubers React by the Fine Bros.

Amazing. Only mildly safe for work.

Fetch Quest

As part of Geek & Sundry Season 2, there is a new weekly show called Fetch Quest. Fetch Quest tends to be about gaming, and tends to include a song. And is animated. And fills us with glee. Seriously, there needs to be more than 7 of these.

This one really got stuck in our heads. We watched it many times. Check it out:

When was the last time you used your Wii?


This has become our news outlet. We had watched Philip Defranco, and we still watch him but after SourceFed, and it feels like we’ve already heard all of that news. SourceFed does five daily news stories, picking from the amazing, the important, and the bizarre. Should I get more news from other sources? Maybe. But SourceFed does a pretty good job. And it has replaced us coming home and popping on the TV. Now we have a goal.

Then again, there’s videos like this one. That show me that these people know how to have fun, and are enjoying their jobs. And that is what makes SourceFed as good as it is.

SourceFed Nerd

Okay, so this isn’t quite a thing yet. But it starts Monday, and you should check it out, just like we plan to. They’re going to draw us in by including my favorite SourceFed videos: Table Talk. Here’s some Table Talk:

So yeah, if you’re eating dinner or decompressing from work, and there’s a 15 minute video? That’s okay. I’ll watch that.

Oh, so here’s the SourceFed Nerd intro video:


3 responses to “New Finds on the Internet

  1. Cinema Sins is awesome (the Les Mis one is really good, and I generally liked that film sans Crowe.) Epic Mealtime, however, treats women like Michael Bay does. I used to be amused by the concept but ultimately stopped watching because of the sexism, specifically the using women as props, rape jokes, and the constant misogynistic slurs. Bitch Magazine sums it up, but if you need more evidence, see “Sausage Fest” from 4:10 and “Candy Sushi” at 1:30.

    Will check out the others!


    • We honestly have’t watched too many Epic Meal Time episodes. They are all so over-the-top… I think we’re more amused having seen Harley (the narrator) on YouTubers React and SourceFed… he’s not that guy. It’s all persona, and it is completely epically over-the-top misogynistic as well.

      Of all the things I mentioned, it’s the one we’re least likely to keep watching for too long – and I say that with full knowledge that I have no idea what they’re even going to post on SourceFed Nerd.


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