My Favorite Support Cast

So, I was having trouble thinking of a post tonight and so decided to share about some of my favorite characters – but how to qualify favorite? Because the list could go on and on. So instead of looking at my favorite lead, because that is also a difficult list, I am going to look at some of my favorite supporting characters. These characters are not the lead, they are not the one making the decisions, but they help support the overall story and world in some way.

So while this is in no way a comprehensive list here are some of my favorite supporting characters.


So starting out we will start with my favorite bad boy vampire Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spike was just a fun character to have around. He often threw a wrench into the works, but could never really get the better of the Scooby gang. When he was with Drusilla was the best part of Spike, but I still enjoyed him in later seasons as well. In part because who would want to miss him in either Tabula Rasa or Once More With Feeling? Some of my favorite episodes and they have fantastic moments with Spike being Spike.

Captain Jack Harkness

Okay, so I know that he eventually becomes the lead in Torchwood, but he started out as a companion of the Doctor. He was never really the main companion, he just showed up for brief points in time, but his interaction with the Doctor is so wonderful. Captain Jack is such an interesting view of the future of humanity and he just has such a swagger to him. Him just saying hello apparently is flirting because he just can’t help himself. In other times, places, or people, Captain Jack might be kind of a douche, but he is just so charming about it that you just got to love him.

River Song

Some people do not like her and have not liked the direction that she has taken the show, but I personal love her. River Song was such an interesting character when she was first introduced on Doctor Who and personally she has just gotten more interesting. I think part of the reason that I love River Song is because part of me would want to be that just carefree. She is decisive and jumps into situations and gets along with the Doctor even though they have different philosophies. One of my favorite moments is in The Big Bang when she turns to confront the Dalek and he thinks that because she runs with the Doctor she will not harm him. Her comment back is fabulous: “I’m Professor River Song, check your records again”

Mark Sheppard Always


So this is not a specific supporting character because it is an actor who has played a whole host of supporting characters and every time I have seen him he has been fabulous. The shows that I have seen him in are Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, and Dollhouse. In all the iterations that I have seen him in his character has been really interesting. In Firefly he plays Badger the fence that has a difficult relationship with the crew of Serenity. In BSG he is the lawyer that actually chooses to defend Gaius Baltar. The list goes on, but Mark Sheppard always does a fabulous job even though he is not the main character.

Agent Phil Coulson

Who else could we end with, but our favorite supporting character Agent Phil Coulson? First introduced in Iron Man then seen in various of the Phase 1 movies leading up to the Avengers. The character that everyone hated to see die, but was the thing that could bring everyone together. Agent Phil Coulson is so deadpan, but he also is just a genuine good person. He is someone people feel like they can trust and do trust. Which is why we are so excited for Agents of Shield where somehow Agent Coulson is ALIVE and leading a team of his own. (I find it strange that very few people have mentioned the strangeness of having a character die in the movie then be the star of a show that occurs after the movie, but okay).

So who are some of your favorite supporting characters?

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