Doctor Who Spoiled?

So somebody, somewhere screwed up big time. This is not just a little screw up this is a pretty monumental screw up. Someone sent out a few copies of the season 7 of Doctor Who before its release date. This means that there are some out there who know “The Name of the Doctor”, which really just isn’t fair. We have been waiting and waiting for the Doctor Who season finale and now it could all be ruined in 160 characters or less.

So what does this mean for those of us without the DVD? What would we do if we were one of the ones who received the DVD? And what happened to make this travesty a reality?

What Would You Do?

When David and I found out about the early release DVD, of course the first thought was to spoilers and then the second thought was to what would we do. If we were one of the lucky or unlucky people who received the season 7 DVD early would we watch it? Would we wait? Would we spoil anyone else?

As we do not have the DVD I cannot say for sure, but I do not know if I would want to watch the season finale. Now some of you might be saying, what are you talking about how could you not watch it? At the same time think about it. You have just watched what is potentially one of the greatest moments in Doctor Who history and you cannot say a word (unless you wanted to be hated by every other fan in the universe). Who do you tell about the great emotional roller-coaster that you have just been on if no one else has seen it yet? It would be so hard not to mention something – I think I would rather wait until it could be a shared experience.

Now I guess this goes to the other point in the fact of how could you spoil the episode for someone else? I remember having to avoid the internet after the sixth Harry Potter book came out because of the fear of being spoiled. I played WOW at the time and after finishing the book heard about people just yelling in the general chat “Snape Kills Dumbledore.” People did it just to be mean, just to spoil things for everyone else. It still amazes me how people will ruin things for others.

Do We Have Reason to Fear Spoilers?

Now this brings us to the other important part of this discussion. Do we think the people who actually have the DVD are going to spoil anything? Meaning do I need to avoid the Internet for the next week? I do not think I will need to, but I still might avoid any Doctor Who news for a while.

Part of the reason that I do not think the owners of the DVD will spoil others is because they are fans. For someone to pre-order the DVD copy of the show they are most likely fans who want to own the DVD. This means that you yourself would not want to have the ending spoiled. Therefore, you would appreciate that fact and not spoil the experience for others. At least that is what I hope.


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