Daily Archives: May 8, 2013

Girl Rising, A Reaction

(I am calling this a reaction and not a review because I am not necessarily talking about how the film was made and cinematography and more talking about what I walked away with from watching this movie)

So last night David and I went to see a screening of the documentary Girl Rising. My sister is the one who made us aware of the screening, I had actually not heard of it before. We watched the preview and the movie looked interesting. It is a documentary looking at girls in a variety of countries who are trying, against all the odds, to get an education. I have heard about the struggles for women to get an education, but it was so great to be able to see the story of the individual.

Now the one thing that I initially feared about the movie is the idea that you have a bunch of westerners coming in and filming these girls to make this documentary. There is fear of exploiting these young girls situations and is always a fine line. The way Girl Rising decided to tell the story is just amazing and I think is a great example of how to tell stories in other countries. Continue reading