Google Glass – I Want My HUD

May not be realistic if this is my expectation of Google Glass. Found on

May not be realistic if this is my expectation of Google Glass. Found on

Maybe it’s seeing Iron Man 3, but I’ve been thinking about Google Glass. The idea of having a Heads-up Display is pretty excellent. I’m not always a first adopter, as many of my early-adopted purchases have ended up painfully buggy.

So waiting a bit to get a product like this, until many of the kinks are worked out, is probably a good idea. There are a lot of things that are nice once the content is there too – an app store without many apps is not nearly so interesting, for instance. The same could be said for new gaming consoles, I suppose.

Still, in some ways I feel like the choice is not yet mine to make. What do you think about Google Glass? A couple of my main thoughts to follow!

Needs to work for Prescription Wearers

I wear glasses. I know – gasp! – a geek with glasses.

And right now, Google Glass does not actually particularly work at all like glass…es. There are no lenses! No, really, look:

Found on

Look ma, no hands! Found on

Close. It’s close to having lenses. It doesn’t seem like it would be too hard. They claim to one day plan on expanding this direction, and it makes sense to me.

After all, who would be your top purchasing audience for glasses with a smartphone built in? You might think it would be glasses wearers, right? The people already used to having something on their face, who have to have something on their face. Why not make it also an awesome piece of tech?

After all, my smartphone has already replaced so many pieces of technology. My watch. Flashlight. Digital camera. Notepad. Alarm clock. iPod. Calculator. GPS device. I imagine replacing my smartphone with my glasses, then, and it’s like I’ll only have to carry one thing. You know, once they build my keys and credit card in.

Fun Apps that it needs

If I really am thinking of Google Glass as a Heads-up Display, there are some apps that the device definitely needs. At least, to really be as geeky as it should be.

So first off, it ought to have a health bar and a mana bar. Mana would probably be the battery. Health could purpose play into a calorie or activity counter, like Fitbit. Hey, look, another thing that I carry that could be built into the glasses!

Then, if there’s mana, there’s the possibility for multiplayer magic sorts of games. I’m thinking something like in Google Hangouts, when you turn the effects on. They’re working on those being pretty good. Add in fireballs and magic missiles, right?

Of course, things like the cardinal directions, or even directions to a destination, would be a good addition. Arrows leading you to where you’re going, floating along over your head. Quest objective markers, floating out over the cityscape.

The possibilities for this device to be altogether too much needless fun are all there.

2 responses to “Google Glass – I Want My HUD

  1. Nice article! There’s some *very* interesting stuff with this tech, but there’s also some potential for horrible misuses of it. I just saw an article about how a woman got footage of two guys at a tech conference making off-color jokes, she put it online, and one of the guys lost his job — and she ended up losing hers, as well, because of the backlash that she had recorded them without their knowledge or permission. There’s some real concerns about privacy with people walking around with cameras plastered to their faces — not to mention that since it’s a hands-free device, it also circumvents restrictions against texting while driving. It’s not Google’s fault people will fail to use common sense, but I think the pros and cons of this are pretty evenly matched.


    • If you removed the camera, would this get the glass a lot more acceptance? Yet, I can think of the documentary type work that could be done with a recording running straight from the glasses. It’s hard to balance the incredible uses with the misuses. And any sort of protection you put into it to make it so people can’t? That’ll be jailbroken in no time.


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