Five Video Games I Would Play (and buy) If They Made Them

There are some games that I wait a long time to get. I think about them, consider them, wait for the price to drop. Get referrals by friends. Lately, I try downloading the demo.

Other games I preorder, or even, lately, we’ve taken to making our preorders into special addition preorders. I’m glad we did for, say, Final Fantasy XIII-2, because it came with the soundtrack, which was incredible.

Because while I like games, and am often on the hunt for a new one to play, there are some that they make that sell themselves to me – some that I know, from early on, or even before I know it’s a thing, that I will buy. Probably early. Possibly often. Because I will recommend and gift games too. And now, you know, blog about them.

So here is a list of five games that, if I get the chance, I will buy. So hurry up and make them, right?

Legend of Zelda: Sheik

This was the one that got me thinking about this. In her recent post about the Damsel in Distress trope (and surrounding controversy), Holly pointed out that in Zelda, it kind of does not matter that Zelda is the one taken, and Link does the saving – or, in other words, the gender does not matter. Heck, for some of them, Link having a name doesn’t matter.

All this is to say, they could make a game where Zelda saves Link – or an entire game where you play as Sheik – and we would definitely get it. And hey, someone started doing the legwork for them:

Sheik could even play as a stealth or infiltration kind of game. With the recent sheer badassness of games like Deus Ex Human Revolution or Dishonored, you could even make a really good one of those. Heck, thinking of stealth action games as spin-offs… I loved Final Fantasy: Dirge of Cerberus

Starcraft: Ghost

Everything I just said really also just makes me think: where is Starcraft Ghost? I know it’s kind of died in development hell, but I would play it. I haven’t played the Warhammer 40K shooters based on a strategy gaming world, which seems like a similar comparison to what Ghost would be, but hey, Ghost I would play.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Warhammer Fantasy guy, and 40K doesn’t mix.

Oh, right, Ghost. I definitely think that with my above points: good stealth games lately, spinning off a new type of game from a franchise working out okay… I still feel like it could sell. To, you know, more than just me.

So why does this game sell to me so well? In Starcraft (which I mainly just played against the computer), I would play the Terrans, and I would build up my nuke stockpile. In the really big games, the computer would always run itself out of resources, and so it was mainly a survival game, followed by several tactical nuclear strikes. The Ghost was the backbone of my army – scout and main kill engine.

And there’s a whole world, and secrets to uncover, and a variety of enemies and environments… I still feel like this game makes some sense.

Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition

Honestly, the fact that I know they’re planning to make this only makes it better. Baldur’s Gate 2 is still probably my favorite video game, maybe because it showed me that good story telling and good player interaction can – and should – be a part of video games.

The Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition was pretty good. After I got it on my iPad, I was pretty addicted, not going to lie. Being able to make some of my favorite off-classes from Baldur’s Gate 2 was fun… remembering that old plot was fun…

But I like the Baldur’s Gate 2 plot much more. The extra classes really don’t work until higher levels, which you start at in Baldur’s Gate 2. The characters are better. The villains moreso. Jon Irenicus is one of the greats.

So, not only will I buy this game, but probably on multiple platforms. I will probably get it on my iPad, and on my Mac. I’m still having trouble talking myself into getting the newly re-released Final Fantasy V on my iPad, all because I already own it on another platform. I don’t expect the same hesitation with Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced.

Castle Crashers 2

I’m somewhat surprised as I think back and consider the fact that I don’t think we have mentioned Castle Crashers yet on Comparative Geeks. One of our favorite things on our X-Box, Castle Crashers is a side-scrolling, arcade-style action game. The animation is fantastic, the powers and progression are fun, the humor is excellent, if at times a bit… flatulent. So much fun.

As a game that you can easily play up to four player on, sharing a screen, local or online… it is also phenomenal for multiplayer. That added a lot of replayability to it as well. And it was inexpensive. So many things going for it.

I have no idea if plans are, or ever were, in the works for a Castle Crashers 2. But if it came out, we would buy it. And probably talk to a number of our friends with X-Boxes, and have them buy it too. And it would be awesome. And a cute little animal would float along with me and agree.

Arkham Horror: The App

There aren’t too many of them yet, but there are some very good board game and card game ports into the virtual world. Apps exist for Small World, Ticket to Ride, Ascension, Elder Sign… with very different setups for how you play, or whether there is actual multiplayer, or what.

Some games lend themselves better than others. Some, like Ascension, almost feel like they were born to be digital – the app for Ascension might be better than the actual card game. I’ve certainly logged more time playing the app than playing with the cards!

There’s one epic board game, though, that is so complicated that it almost needs a computer keeping track of the rules for you. And that game is Arkham Horror.

Does the game often take over 5 hours to play? Yes. Do you often lose? Yes. Would this be difficult in an app? Okay, maybe. But by golly, keeping track of monster movement, and environmental mythos effects, and adding tokens to rumors, and and and… there’s a lot a computer could do to assist this game. Elder Sign, which is really just Arkham Horror light (but also awesome, because you can play in less than a day), handles very well in an app.

And I’ve got Elder Sign on my iPad, on my iPhone (different versions), and on my Mac. So again, a game I would not only get and get pretty much immediately, but one I would likely get on multiple platforms if I could. Get it on the X-Box, where you could play multiplayer with friends around, while still having a computer help keep everything straight. It would be excellent.

So there’s five. There are others – for instance, yep, I’ll be getting Lightning Returns as soon as I can. What games would you buy if only they would make them?

3 responses to “Five Video Games I Would Play (and buy) If They Made Them

  1. I’d like to see a fighting game that had some RPG elements where you start out with only a very basic moveset and then unlock better moves as you gain XP — sort of what Borderlands does for FPS. When you start you’re just a basic street brawler and work your way up to a super fireball-tossing ninja, and there’s a story that you control to some extent depending on alliances and rivalries you make as you work your way up through the ranks, whether or not you win certain matches.


    • There was a game that worked a bit like that… SquareEnix made a fighter called The Bouncer that came out with the PS2. It’s been a while. Not sure I know of anyone making anything like that now, but you’re right, I think I would play that.


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