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Girlfriend Mode or Lack There Of

mechromancer-skill-treeSo first off sorry about the delay in this post, I was supposed to write it last night, but that was just not happening. So here it is for your enjoyment a day late.

Something that came up recently with the introduction of the Mechromancer in Borderlands 2 is the idea of “Girlfriend Mode” in video games. The original thought being that the “Best Friends Forever” talent tree included abilities for players who were not familiar with first person shooters. Now obviously there are many problems with calling this “Girlfriend Mode” which have been discussed other places. The other part of this that David and I remember when it first happened were some gamers complaining that the abilities made it easier for someone to play. Considering them almost cheating and not playing the true game.

The more interesting thing that David and I found was that the abilities people were complaining about seemed to have similar abilities in the other talent trees. The other thing that this made us think of are other games where there seems to be a similar method being able to help a player or create an easier mode. Continue reading