If I could cast a movie – The Dark Tower

The GunslingerI was recently mentioning to Holly that I had identified the right actor to play a character for a movie franchise that, as far as I know, is not actually in production. That franchise would be Stephen King’s Dark Tower.

I have an idea for someone to play the main character, Roland. I mentioned it, and Holly came back with another good match. So I have a couple of thoughts for you… and maybe I’ll explore actors for a few other characters as well.

I should mention, I am now also looking and see that I am not the first to explore this topic; it is, in fact, a strong point of discussion over on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1648190/board/threads/

Casting Roland

Logically, we have to begin with my idea for an actor, because I think I’m going to have to reference the fact that the two have played in a movie across from each other. So, casting Roland:

Paul Bettany

I am definitely thinking the sort of dark, dystopian Paul Bettany of Legion or Priest. He seems to play well the dark, brooding hero who has secret knowledge of the ways of the past, and not caring that no one else believes or understands. It’s going to happen his way because his way makes sense.

And that sounds like Roland.

Now, I mentioned this to Holly, and she could see what I could see. Priest, in the film in particular, is a character that really is evocative of Priest. So she could see it. But she liked someone else for the role.

Karl Urban

It maybe isn’t that logically hard to turn from Paul Bettany in Priest to Karl Urban in Priest. Similarly suited to being dark and brooding, and the best of a group of fighters. This too matches Roland pretty well. And let’s think of some roles that Karl Urban has disappeared into:

  • Bones in Star Trek
  • Eomer in Lord of the Rings
  • Vaako in The Chronicles of Riddick
  • John Grimm in Doom
  • And of course, Judge Dredd in Dredd

We loved Karl Urban as Dredd: Solid action, he got lost in the role, and he never took the mask off. He’s ended up a strong player in a lot of the geekdom lately, really, and has done a good job of it.

Although he’s a doctor, not a gunslinger, dammit.

The Rest of the Cast

Okay, I didn’t really think this thought experiment through. Honestly, I think that with a solid Roland, a Dark Tower movie series or TV series could work. So let’s explore this movie idea a different way.

The Dark Tower – TV Show or Movie series?

What would you make the now 8 book Dark Tower series into? A lot of Stephen King plots have ended up in mini-series form, though there have been TV shows and movies, of course. And many studios are looking for a new franchise to back and make them money for a decade – but as what would probably be an R-Rated franchise, that may not work out.

Instead, I am thinking more like an HBO series – solid budget, a bit of violence and nudity and craziness, the potential of getting the best actors for it, and of sticking to the plot. That’s what I would do. And would like to see.

Okay, one more casting

The Man in Black – Benedict Cumberbatch? We’ll have to see how he does as a villain in Star Trek Into Darkness!


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