Avengers Commentary

Possibly the best thing you could do if you are a fan of Joss Whedon and / or the Avengers is to watch the commentary. Anyone who has watched the commentary of BuffyAngel, or Firefly know how much Joss loves what he does and puts that love into what he is doing. In some ways he is a true fan being able to make an awesome movie. This shines through in the commentary.

Joss really brings so much to hearing about the process of making the movie and the amazing happy accidents that seem to occur throughout. One of my favorite moments is when Joss even comments on the convenient plot point at the end of the movie, that he himself hates, but makes a really good point about why it needed to happen that way.

His admiration for the cast and crew and everyone who worked on the movie was amazing. Also his commentary about what it meant to do the movie in 3D and the difficulties they had filming in 3D was really fascinating. We talk about wanting 3D movies and that the technology exists, but so far it is not a seamless technology.

Best line from the commentary is describing Tom Hiddleston making a comment about “you caught me acting” and starting a scene over. The best moment is  the Hulk and Loki scene toward the end, the commentary for that scene is absolutely priceless.

So, I know this is short, but it has been a busy night of playing games and catching up on Game of Thrones. So what do you think of DVD commentary, like them, never listen to them, or don’t know why they bother?


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