My Cartoon Childhood

I think most people have certain movies they watched growing up that will always have a special place. I grew up watching Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Labyrinth, Princess Bride, etc. The other side is people also often have cartoons that hold a special place for them. Now my list is not the saturday morning cartoons, but more feature length cartoon movies that I remember watching growing up. I think only one of these do I actually own, but would probably buy all of them on DVD if they became available.

So here is my list of animated movies from my childhood. (Gummi Bears is an honorable mention, not the same level as the ones listed, but I still remember them fondly)

Rainbow Brite

So technically this is not a movie, but a two part beginning to the Rainbow Brite cartoon. At the same time if you combine them together they could be considered one movie. If this does not satisfy you there is also:

(It really is amazing what is available on YouTube sometimes)

I love Rainbow Brite and I remember the actual movie as well, but we had either recorded to VHS or had the video copy of the “Beginning of Rainbowland”. I loved watching it, even when I got older. I had the Rainbow Brite doll, such a weird, but also awesome cartoon.

Strawberry Shortcake

Okay, who did not love Strawberry Shortcake. Now this was more of my sister’s thing, but I still loved it. We owned Strawberry Shortcake Pets on Parade, but I also loved Strawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins. The latest Strawberry Shortcake is so disappointing because I just do not feel like it lives up to the original. My sister and I owned many of the dolls they smelled like their name which was kind of awesome.

Care Bears I and II

Care Bears is another movie and show that I loved. The first and second movie were so good. I loved the Care Bear cousins and I really loved Grumpy Bear. I actually think I liked the second movie because it showed the origin story of the Care Bears. The factory setting to take care of all the baby bears was so funny. Poor Grumpy Bear ends up with a diaper on his head. It is so adorable.

The Hobbit and Return of the King

So I know this is technically two, but they are the same style so I am listing them as one.

The Hobbit was fabulous, the music is actually really great, and I loved the drawing style for the cartoon. It actually did a really good job of bringing the book to life in a succinct manner.

Return of the King on the other hand is a really weird movie starting at the end of the story. It literally starts at the end with the basic premise being told by a minstrel. I remember the minstrels song so well and it just reminds me of watching with my family. The song that is never far from my heart though is:

The Last Unicorn

I adore this movie. The soundtrack is fabulous the artistry is gorgeous. I feel bad that I only recently realized that this was a book. I watched this movie so many times. I do own this one on DVD because I could not pass it up, but I grew up with it on VHS.

Looking over this list it makes me wonder what my mom was thinking with what we watched as kids. What are your cartoons / animated features that you watched as a kid and still love?

3 responses to “My Cartoon Childhood

  1. The two that I remember specifically were Warriors of the Wind and The Secret of NIMH.

    Warriors of the Wind was the North American translation of Hideo Miyazaki’s anime Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and was essentially the first Studio Ghibli film. This will show my age, but HBO was just starting as a network and they didn’t even have a full broadcast day, they’d start up in the afternoon and Warriors seemed like it was on almost every day for a couple months. Outside of Speed Racer reruns, that was the first time I’d ever seen anime and was entranced by the quality of the animation compared to other cartoons.

    The other was Secret of NIMH, and that movie still creeps me out slightly to this day — that was definitely a little too intense in parts . . . but I also loved the way the artwork didn’t look the same and had that particularly stylized look to it.


    • I know Secret of NIMH as well. I enjoyed it, but I think it creeped me out too much to be nostalgic over it. At the same time it is kind of an amazing movie thinking back on it. I love Nausicaä, but I did not really get into Miyazaki until later on (probably about Princess Mononoke) although I really fell in love with his work watching My Neighbor Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies.


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