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10 Daunting Book Series

After Holly’s recent post about 5 books she has not read but feels like she should, I thought I would do a similar sort of post – but while I have been working on trying to get through many of the stand-alone classics of science fiction, or at least a book or two by the big name authors, something still stops me.

The Big Series.

A Song of Ice and Fire

Yep, those have seen some wear. What’s that, you say? Missing the last book? Nope, got it on Kindle. A good place for 1000 page books.

A couple of them I have read, not realizing quite what I was getting into when I started. Like Game of Thrones, and the Dark Tower. I shied away from anime in high school, and really should probably be more careful of comics now, because I can get so easily sucked into series. And read the entirety of them, often at the expense of other things.

So here I give a list of ten daunting book series, in no particular order, which I have read various amounts of – and much of which I, too, have sitting on my shelves waiting for me to consider and start. I will also talk about where one might start with these series. Continue reading