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Time Travel : Final Fantasy XIII-2

As I mentioned in an earlier post I love the concept of time travel. It has such potential in how you decide to use it in terms of storytelling. A recent game that used time travel in an amazing way is Final Fantasy XIII-2. I enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII and recognize that it had some flaws… I loved Final Fantasy XIII-2. It takes the story in a whole different direction and does such an amazing job telling it, but you do need to understand what happened in Final Fantasy XIII to understand what is happening in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Early on we discover that Lightning has disappeared from the timeline from the point right at the end video of Final Fantasy XIII. Everyone says that she is with Vanille and Fang holding up Cocoon, but Serah remembers the version that we saw at the end of Final Fantasy XIII, even though no one else does. So then we the audience, just like Serah, are wondering what happened to change that moment in time. (Spoilers for Final Fantasy XIII-2 after the jump) Continue reading