The Fine Bros Stole My Evening

So, I did have a plan for something to post for tonight, an idea I have actually been thinking about for a couple of weeks, but that will have to wait until Wednesday because David and I got sucked into the react videos by The Fine Bros. If you do not know who The Fine Bros are, they do a series of different groups reacting to videos; including Elders, Teens, Kids, and YouTubers. They react to trailers, tv, viral videos, music, anything you can think of probably they could have people react to it.

It started out just me showing David the latest YouTubers React video and very quickly spiraled out of control. The thing that YouTube is really great at is getting you to watch more YouTube. It is a sick twisted spiral that can suck all your time away. So for tonight here are our favorite react videos by The Fine Bros.

All the Kids React videos are just great. It is amazing what can come out of little kids mouths, especially when they are watching some really weird stuff that other people have posted on the internet.

The Elders React can be an interesting discussion of generational differences, but we found the one where they reacted to a video game trailer very interesting. There were some obvious reaction, but there were also a number of them who said that looks like fun. I would have to watch it again to be sure, but there was an interesting difference between how the men and women reacted in general to the trailer. I would be curious if there would be that same difference in the teens reacting to the same video game trailer.

All of the react videos are such an interesting sociological experiment in some ways of getting the beat on a generation or age group. The Teens React is great because it makes me not so depressed about the next generation. There are definitely some that could use a push in the right direction, but the reactions by the Teens are often insightful and intelligent which is nice to see in a world with Jersey Shore and Buckwild.

YouTubers react is just fabulous because all of these people are such huge personalities and seeing them react to viral videos is amazing. These are people who are on YouTube so they have a better sense about what might be going on in a video and have a great sense of YouTube in general.

For more react videos I highly recommend The Fine Bros, definitely check them out and remember you control YouTube do not let YouTube control you.


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