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Comics Review: X-Treme X-Men, Age of Apocalypse, and X-Termination

So, one of my favorite things to read, in the worlds I love to read about, is alternate reality. One of my favorite, and earliest, alternate realities was the Age of Apocalypse – a Marvel world created by one small, single event: the death of Charles Xavier. Xavier’s dream was so radical – was also such a reflection of the civil rights movements it was born into – that no one else would have espoused it or pulled it off as well as he did. You have to have Xavier – a fact that also breaks my suspension of disbelief in X-Men 3, and which makes me excited for X-Men: Days of Future Past.



One of my guilty pleasure comics lately has been the dimension-hopping X-Treme X-Men. It’s a plot about a team of inter-dimensional X-Men, led by Charles Xavier’s severed head in a bottle. The goal: kill ten Evil Xavier’s around the multiverse. Because combined, they would have the power to destroy everything. Again: Xavier is key. It has become an interesting truism of the Marvel Universe as a whole.

These two worlds recently mashed up in a dimension-hopping adventure that spelled the end for both the X-Treme X-Men and the Age of Apocalypse: X-Termination. Was X-Termination worth it? And what will I read now? Not sure I can answer those questions, but let’s take a look at these comics! Spoilers for the recent X-Termination crossover!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: TV Show vs Comics


If it was not already obvious, I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I watched it when it first came on and while not every episode was a winner, overall I was invested. At the end of season 7 though, I did feel like as a TV show they did a good job of closing the story out and that it had reached its time.

One problem that they originally ran into is that they thought they might have been cancelled at the end of season 5 so they actually created a good closing for season 5. Then season 6 started on another channel, and it created a little bit of a rocky transition, but season 6 also has some of my favorite episodes. Then season 7 came around and it really was the last season.

They had been out of high school for a while and ending on season 7 with Dawn back in high school was such a great homage to the beginning. The story ended with Buffy still fighting, but it created a nice closing to the story. Then later on I find out that they actually ended up continuing the story in comic form. So here is a look at some of the differences between doing Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a TV show versus as a comic. Continue reading

When the Villain thinks they are the Hero – A Character Study

Spirits of Venom Heroes?

Apparently Google found this on On this cover, who is the hero and who is the villain?

Many villains are forgettable. Some just want money, or power, or control. Some had a hard knock life and are just taking it out on the world. Some men even just want to watch the world burn.

But some villains are very memorable, and a little harder to cope with. Because some villains think they are the hero.

I explore three such villains here: one who does not necessarily think he is the hero but wants to be seen as such, by basically being his own villain; one who is the total and complete foil of the hero, and thinks fully that he is the hero; and one who spends the entire story stating again and again that he is the hero of the piece, and that you are the attacking villains. Read along as I explore Syndrome, Venom, and Handsome Jack.

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Girlfriend Mode or Lack There Of

mechromancer-skill-treeSo first off sorry about the delay in this post, I was supposed to write it last night, but that was just not happening. So here it is for your enjoyment a day late.

Something that came up recently with the introduction of the Mechromancer in Borderlands 2 is the idea of “Girlfriend Mode” in video games. The original thought being that the “Best Friends Forever” talent tree included abilities for players who were not familiar with first person shooters. Now obviously there are many problems with calling this “Girlfriend Mode” which have been discussed other places. The other part of this that David and I remember when it first happened were some gamers complaining that the abilities made it easier for someone to play. Considering them almost cheating and not playing the true game.

The more interesting thing that David and I found was that the abilities people were complaining about seemed to have similar abilities in the other talent trees. The other thing that this made us think of are other games where there seems to be a similar method being able to help a player or create an easier mode. Continue reading

If I could cast a movie – The Dark Tower

The GunslingerI was recently mentioning to Holly that I had identified the right actor to play a character for a movie franchise that, as far as I know, is not actually in production. That franchise would be Stephen King’s Dark Tower.

I have an idea for someone to play the main character, Roland. I mentioned it, and Holly came back with another good match. So I have a couple of thoughts for you… and maybe I’ll explore actors for a few other characters as well.

I should mention, I am now also looking and see that I am not the first to explore this topic; it is, in fact, a strong point of discussion over on IMDB:

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