Daily Archives: March 21, 2013

I Am a Con Virgin

I don’t know if some people will take away my geek cred for this, but I have never been to a con. I have thought about going on many an occasion thinking just how awesome it would be to go to a panel about the shows I love and talk to the creators of said show. The problem is every time I truly think about it the thought of the crowds and the lines send me into a bit of a panic.

When I was younger I don’t think crowds bothered me as much, but I have gotten older I have become the person that you see who is moving faster than everyone else darting in and out of different traffic patterns just to get to a spot where I have at least a foot of space in any direction. Now you want to experience a live action video game, try darting through the crowds at Disneyland in Main Street before or after the parade; now that takes skill, but I digress. Continue reading