The Twelve Days of Tabletop Day and other things happening on Comparative Geeks

Coming soon from Geek and Sundry is International Table Top Day! Falling on March 30th, this day is a day to find some people to game with, and game! They are building a collection of all of the events being put on, and have hit all 50 US states and a lot of other places besides! Check out their site and map here:

We here at Comparative Geeks are not sure what we are doing on TableTop Day – it’s a day we might be playing Dungeons and Dragons with our group, or else will probably be with our gaming group playing something else. However! We have something we know we are doing: The Twelve Days of TableTop Day!

Each day for the twelve days leading up to TableTop Day, we will showcase one of our favorite games on Twitter and Facebook. So, “like” us on Facebook to see, or follow us on Twitter, or just make sure to check it out in the side columns!

What else do we have in store for the future? Read on to find out!

What we’re up to on Twitter

So, if you look at our Twitter feeds here on the blog, or follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed we’ve stopped feeding over links to our blog posts. We’ve decided Twitter has a little different of a purpose: Sharing some of the other great things we’re finding out on the Internet on other blogs, and sharing some of our geeky thoughts.

Geek-O-System TableTop Day Ideas

So when you’re reading the blog, maybe check out what we’ve tweeted lately. Might be something you’re in to that we just didn’t feel like we had a whole bunch to say about! Or maybe a continuation of something we posted… like a new Bioshock trailer right after I posted about Bioshock Infinite.

Headed out of town – but keeping the geekiness coming

We will be out of town for about a week here soon, but don’t fret – we have some posts planned, and will be getting some guest posts as well!

What does this mean? You should still be able to get your fix of Comparative Geeks, we get to treat our vacation a bit like a vacation, and, if you would like to contribute a guest post to us in the future, we’d be happy to take suggestions below!

Ongoing comparative thoughts

There are some topics we definitely keep having ideas about and for, and so we will have more posts coming in a number of areas.

  • Character Studies – Some of our most popular and most read posts have been about characters from the genres we love. And, though we dropped the plan to go through each alignment and talk about characters who belong (too geeky? or too nerdy?), there are definitely some fascinating, hard to place characters to consider.
  • Time Travel – Let’s face it, we love time travel. Good time travel makes for good story telling, and bad time travel tends not to be done – it’s a hard mechanic to just drop into a story. Expect much more of our favorite time travel, paradoxes, and alternate realities!
  • Science Fiction – Science Fiction is one of the best ways that we as a society consider our world. By testing the limits of our world, our humanity, or morals and choices and technology and everything else, we explore what these things mean. We explore what it means to be human. In Science Fiction Today, we’ve begun moving beyond the political and world problems of today – and are considering what these problems might look like, solved or otherwise, tomorrow. We are also of course looking more extensively at time travel, and we have also had some thoughts brought to our attention lately about science fiction and religion. More to come as we consider some deep issues!

Also, of course, the summer is coming quickly, and that means our main schedule of LitFlix for the year is about to really get started! There isn’t much until May, and then we are packed through much of the rest of the year! Care to read along with us? Check out the schedule, and if there’s something you want to say about the books and movies, let us know!

Two months and going strong

I guess mostly, as we come up on the two month mark for the blog, things are going strong, and we have a whole bunch more we want to say! Keep tuning in!

And please, if you read here, “like” us on Facebook – we don’t get useful data from Facebook until we have 30 likes, and for some reason Facebook is where we have the lowest followership. So closing question: What would you like to see us do with the Comparative Geeks Facebook page to make it better?

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