Doctor Who 50th Anniversary – What I Would Do

Previously, in Doctor Who, I explored the Doctor as a character. Today, as we continue on towards the March 30 continuation of Series 7, I thought I would explore what I think is the perfect plot-line to make a really solid 50th anniversary episode.

Want to see what I mean? Spoilers!

50th anniversary special plot

If you want a plot that would or could incorporate anything and anyone that you could get your hands on to celebrate 50 years of the show – which is what I would want to be doing if I were making the 50th anyway – then only one plot makes a whole lot of sense. Especially with most of the Time Lords and such locked away in the Time War.

Chances it reads "Hello Sweetie?" Found on

Chances it reads “Hello Sweetie?” Found on

I am, of course, referring to River Song. As the Doctor’s wife, she’s already an interesting character to be interacting with the Doctor anyway. As someone who perpetually runs into him in the wrong order, you could do what you wanted to.

She says that he showed her all of his faces, so why not go back and visit old Doctors? Of course, you couldn’t interfere, I suppose, because the Doctor didn’t recognize her at the Library. Hmmm… A challenge, I suppose.

But you could go and visit companions, Jack Harkness, these sorts of things. I mean, really, Captain Jack Harkness and River Song in a room together. The Doctor would have a conniption.

I mean, she wrote the first words in the Universe for him. Found on

I mean, she wrote the first words in the Universe for him. Found on

No, really

I suppose, really, this is in its entirety my whole thought. Adventuring with River Song would work best as a 50th in my mind. Having it just be a new adventure with the current companion is too… normal. But just going into an adventure with a one-shot companion is too… Christmas Specials. You need something that can both tie-in to something new and happening, and that would explain dipping in to the backstory and bringing in old faces, and I think that the Doctor and River Song makes the most sense for this.

If you had control of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, what would you do?

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