Your Controversy Trumped My Simple Post – Orson Scott Card and Ultimate Iron Man

So I finished reading Ultimate Iron Man. I was reading it for my LitFlix project for comics, thinking it might be a good lead-in for the Iron Man movies. The X-Men movies were really kind of in the world of Ultimate X-Men, so I thought that might be similar as a source.

Not so! Ultimate Iron Man is very different from the movies. Tony Stark is born with some nano-technological powers, and is a young genius who builds the Iron Man suit because he can, and only he can really use it. It’s… different. He regrows. It’s a thing.

So now, I want to read something else in preparation for Iron Man 3. But it’s written by Orson Scott Card… so suddenly, I feel like dropping an Orson Scott Card comic is part of a current political issue, and I want to do it for content reasons. My LitFlix is getting caught up in a current controversy!

On orson scott card

As a conservative Democrat, Orson Scott Card is an interesting commentator out there anyway. As a Mormon, there are some underlying things one might assume about his beliefs. But all of a sudden, it has exploded on the scene that Card is anti-gay and is being boycotted with his most recent project on Super Man.

I could go into depth on the controversy. Read stuff, find info, share it all with you. But I don’t know. He has a right to his beliefs, as a commentator he has a right to put them out there, as a consuming audience people have a right to boycott… What can I, or should I, add to that?

But then, what does this mean for our little blog? For our LitFlix project, will the “in” thing be to boycott Card? Will people be upset if we see, and review, Ender’s Game?

What about other Mormons? Do we boycott Stephanie Meyer too, for instance? Skip The Host?

Maybe I just lack the passion to boycott, or maybe, having already read Ender’s Game, and waited for a movie to exist for years, I just don’t want to be kept from it.

Maybe I’m influenced by the thought that Orson Scott Card seems sometimes like he is a thoughtful geek himself, like in this blog post about violence in video games. Yes, I know he didn’t write this one himself, but he shared it, and attached his name to it.

But maybe herein lies the problem: His voice carries weight as a commentator, and thus the problem with him having such a strong, outspoken voice – about anything. Whatever he says, someone will listen and consider. And likely, someone else will strongly disagree. If not this, it was going to be something else.

Oh, right, iron man

Oh yeah. So, to read something for the Iron Man 3 LitFlix… I have found there is a comicization (like the novelization, but in comic form?) of Iron Man 1 and 2, so I will be reading those, and then the prequel to Iron Man 3 they are releasing as well. All on the Marvel comics app. Oh, and some of it by Peter David, so trumped by my favorite author. So there, nothing to do with the controversy one way or the other, you just got trumped, Orson Scott Card. Boom, headshot.

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