Daily Archives: March 9, 2013

Your Controversy Trumped My Simple Post – Orson Scott Card and Ultimate Iron Man

So I finished reading Ultimate Iron Man. I was reading it for my LitFlix project for comics, thinking it might be a good lead-in for the Iron Man movies. The X-Men movies were really kind of in the world of Ultimate X-Men, so I thought that might be similar as a source.

Not so! Ultimate Iron Man is very different from the movies. Tony Stark is born with some nano-technological powers, and is a young genius who builds the Iron Man suit because he can, and only he can really use it. It’s… different. He regrows. It’s a thing.

So now, I want to read something else in preparation for Iron Man 3. But it’s written by Orson Scott Card… so suddenly, I feel like dropping an Orson Scott Card comic is part of a current political issue, and I want to do it for content reasons. My LitFlix is getting caught up in a current controversy! Continue reading