Nostalgia Video Games

So yesterday Wreck it Ralph came out on DVD and of course David and I were eager to own it. Not only is it a great story, but it is full of great video game nostalgia. Which of course started David and I thinking about what was the first video game we ever played. I realized that I do not actually remember what the very first video game I ever played was, but I do remember the video games I played when I was young.

So in honor of the nostalgia and wonderfulness that is Wreck it Ralph, here is a list of my nostalgia games in no particular order.

Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego

Now this was a staple in my house we loved this game. I loved hunting down Carmen San Diego and trying to figure out where she had gone next. I remember we had Where in the World, Where in the USA and Where in Time id Carmen San Diego. Who knows maybe the Where in Time is Carmen San Diego was my introduction to the love of time travel and a stepping stone to Doctor Who. I also fondly remember the corresponding TV show that emerged from this franchise.

Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail was actually one of many “trail” games that I played growing up, this was just the first. I am pretty sure it was supposed to be educational and fun, and at times it probably was, but the thing I remember most was people dying of dysentery, figuring out how to cross the rivers, and hunting. It was a game you could play over and over and over again.

Then Yukon Trail, Amazon Trail, and African Trail came out. The Yukon Trail was similar to the Oregon Trail in that you followed the actual Yukon Gold Trail that people followed during the gold rush. You had to pick who you wanted your guide to be, how much supplies to buy, etc. The Amazon Trail  and African Trail were on a boat and bike respectively going through the various regions of those areas where you would learn about the local culture along the way. (How nerdy is it that I loved those games)

Super Mario Bros.

So it was not really my game, it was more my brother’s, but I do remember getting to play it. This was obviously the first one, and then we just built from there; Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World. Mario and Luigi will definitely have a special place in my video game memories.

Final Fantasy

Now I really more got into this game with Final Fantasy II / IV, but the original also has a special place in my heart because I watched my brother play. The NES was more his than anyone else’s and I remember once when he named his characters he didn’t really give them names so he ended up with a character named IJKL (I think it was the Black Mage). The first Final Fantasy there were so many choices you could make, it was more building a D&D party than even with what they became by Final Fantasy IV. I loved Cecil and Rosa and I adored Cid from the beginning, he was awesome. There is a reason that I list Final Fantasy as a trump card for me because I would probably list it for a lot of my favorites and there are too many to count.

Street Fighter II

So this was a little later in my video gaming life, but this game will always hold the place as the first time I did not just button mash during a fighting game. Now what was kind of fabulous about Street Fighter was that you could button mash and still do decently. Now I never got to the level of my brother who could take the hardest to control characters and master every move, but I was so excited when I actually figured out how to do Chun Li’s lightning kick or E Honda’s hand slap. It took me forever but I did eventually figure out how to do Chun Li’s fireball. It was exciting to go from just randomly pressing buttons to actually controlling my attacks with a lot of button mashing in between.

Super Mario Kart

Okay so I know this seems to follow along with the whole Super Mario franchise, but it was kind of my first racing game, at least that I can remember. Again, never got as good as my brother and Rainbow Road was (is) a beast, but I loved it. I loved just racing over and over again. Figuring out the slide turn was awesome, in later years I was a little disappointed because I felt like I had to re-learn what was once a simple known because they changed up the slide turn slightly in later iterations. I also wonder if I had not fallen in love with Super Mario Kart if I would not have tried out arcade racing games.

Now I am by no means someone who sits around forever at an arcade, but when I was at an arcade I would usually either play pinball or racing games and some of that I would probably credit to Super Mario Kart.

So those are the list of my nostalgia video games, the ones I remember playing as a kid. Now this is by no means all the games I played, but these are some of my favorites. I could go on because I loved puzzle games, word games, then there is Tetris and Doctor Mario, but I have a shoulder to take care of and a life I have to sadly get back to. So I will put it back out to the universe. What are some of your nostalgia games?

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