Table Titans Does it Right

So it is not brand, brand new, but pretty close to it. Recently Scott Kurtz of PVP Online fame has started another web comic (kind of a spinoff, kind of not) called Table Titans. The comic is a great story about a group of D&D gamers and the adventures they find themselves on. I read the original adventure when it was on PVP Online, but recently noticed that Scott had given the D&D group their own comic strip.

Originally I was just reading the comic, but then I noticed the blog portion and started reading the stories. The web comic is great making jokes about all the things you run into playing tabletop RPG, but the stories are what really brings games like this to life.

Tabletop RPG’s

Now some people might disagree with me, but the best part about playing any tabletop RPG is the shared experience. What I mean by that is that as a group you created a story and this story is not one that gets told once and then left behind. This story usually gets told multiple times at different points in time. Whenever you meet someone else who plays there is often a regaling of past campaigns and amazing feats.

I don’t know if it relates to a time where things were different or where a collective consciousness came together and amazing things happened. It is amazing to think about the few people in this world when I say Quivering Palm they will have the exact same thought because the moment that happened was that epic.

That same group might also groan at the mention of a Prismatic Dragon. These shared memories have power in them. It is not just D&D either, it is any tabletop RPG where you create a shared story together. Thus, where Table Titans is doing it right.

Table Titans

As mentioned Table Titans is an online comic by Scott Kurtz, but it is also a shared story space. This is where gamers from all over the world can share their stories. Everybody remembers their first character (female dwarf Berzerker, mostly shaved head except single ponytail, tatooed from head to toe). They also remember the moments.

In a game you may not remember everything that happens, some of it just does not stick, but then there are moments that we will probably be telling until the day we die. Table Titans lets us capture all these moments, and even if you were not involved in a particular story you remember when you were in a similar situation or even think about how much fun that would be to have in a game.

You have to remember though that you cannot force something into a game. These moments happen on their own and very much depend on the group of people you are playing with. I have loved reading all the stories that people have submitted to the site from both DM’s and players. I highly recommend if you have played or even haven’t to read the stories. Either it will take you down memory lane or maybe make you understand a little of why we find playing so much fun.

The Story

So, reading all of the stories have Table Titans has reminded me of a variety of stories, but Cooking with Fire by Brenaur Flambe reminded me of a story I will share. Now this is not a specific event, but more like a DM tactic. David was the DM and there was a player who was an uber power gamer. Any loophole he could exploit he would.

In the campaign we were playing he had created an orc fighter named Kitak with a really low intelligence, but a really high strength. He had convinced David to allow him to use a lance to charge as though he were mounted when on foot. So that was probably partly David’s fault, but he definitely got him back. The player of Kitak would randomly shout out suggestions for what to do, or just make side comments about what could happen. David decided that because Kitak had such a low intelligence score that anytime the player made a crazy suggestion the character would do it.

So we are going through the campaign and any crazy thought that comes into the player’s head Kitak did. It created for some definitely interesting situations. Sometimes it worked out well and sometimes it didn’t. One time it worked out in our favor because he decided to charge across a bridge into the Frost Giants on the other side and rolled well enough that he killed them all before we even crossed the bridge. Other times though it did not work out so well, being sneaky was not easy with someone who just thought something then did it.

At the same time, it was such a good time and we all had fun playing. Everyone who participated in that party has fond memories of Kitak. It is a shared story experience that can’t be taken away or ruined for us.

So, I guess my question for you is what are some of your favorite Tabletop RPG’s? Are there any in particular you would recommend? Also, if you have a story you should definitely submit it to Table Titans, I am definitely going to although I have to decide which one. The I in Team could be interesting, but then there is someone trying to drive a motorcycle up the stairway to heaven, and there is always going back to the first character I ever played. So many stories, so little time.

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