Favorite Fictional Relationships

So for Valentine’s Day, I was trying to think of a couple of different options for a post. My first thought was “Greatest Love Stories in Science Fiction and Fantasy”, but the more I looked the more I saw that the great or epic love stories usually ended badly. I mean, even start with what some consider the greatest love story Romeo and Juliet. How can anyone say that that story ended well?

The other thing I noticed is that a lot of the supposed love stories you might find are all love-at-first-sight and the-world-did-not-seem-to-exist-before-this-person-came-into-my-life, which is just not how love in the real world usually works. So instead, I wanted to focus on my favorite relationships. These relationships are not perfect, love does not solve all problems, but they are there for each other in the end.

You will quickly notice there is no Han and Leia, no Buttercup and Wesley, no Buffy and Angel. After taking time to think about it I do not consider these great relationships – they are great love stories, but many of these are the beginnings of relationship, and have not really stood the test of time quite yet. The following relationships are not showing the beginnings or the falling in love part, but what it is like after you have fallen and just have love in that relationship.  (Potential SPOILERS for Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Firefly, Doctor Who, and Up)

Adama and Roslin – Battlestar Galactica


There are a few relationships in Battlestar Galactica. Most of them incredibly screwed up. Not to say that William Adama and Laura Roslin have a perfect relationship, but out of all of the ones on the show it was definitely my favorite. Some might say that they never get together until the near the end of the show, so how is it a good relationship? In my opinion the fact that they cared for each other, but understand that their positions meant they could not be together shows the strength of their relationship.

You can tell in the way that Adama and Roslin interact with each other that they love each other. Not a puppy love or I-have-to-have-you-now sort of love. A bond of love and respect that cannot be broken. The fact that they understand that as the leaders of the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE they cannot let their care for each other ruin the hope for civilization shows how much they understand each other.

One of my favorite moments is when it is no longer President and Admiral, but Bill and Laura. Throughout the travels they have touching moments, where they interact with each other, but toward the end they finally just get to be two people with a care and devotion to each other that doesn’t need to be overshadowed by their incredible responsibilities.

Khal Drogo and Dany – Game of Thrones


Okay, so hear me out on this one. First of all, most relationships on Game of Thrones are broken beyond measure. If the paragon of virtue Ned Stark has a bastard son, then no matter how much Catelyn may love him, she never forgives him for Jon Snow.

Now, the relationship between Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen is not how one would want a relationship to start. An arranged marriage, by her brother no less, but the moment you can see hope for the two of them is after the wedding during the bedding.

Now this was one moment that I loved in the book that the show totally ruined. In the book Daenerys is so scared. She is really a child who does not quite understand what is happening, but knows what is expected of her because of her wicked brother. She was sold to Khal Drogo so that Viserys could have an army – or so he thought. The wedding is a long and murderous affair for that is how the Dothraki celebrate. When Drogo and Dany are finally riding away she is so scared and just keeps telling herself “I am the blood of the dragon” to give her courage.

When they finally stop, Drogo gently gets Dany off the horse, and gently sets her down. There is one word that Drogo knows in the common tongue and that is “No”. When Dany is crying, Drogo – in what is described as a tender way – says “no” and uses his rough fingers to wipe away her tears. He then proceeds to undress first, taking out the bells from his hair and undoing his braid. Dany even assists him in these actions. Then he starts undressing her, again it is not described as rough. He is forceful, but never rough. They go through this ritual of getting to know each other in a very intimate way before even engaging in sex. He kisses her and has his hands all over her, but when the actual sex part comes he asks a question “No?” and she responds “Yes”.

In the show they portrayed this scene as a rape, which I believe ruined what is wonderful about the relationship between Drogo and Dany. The Dothraki are considered savage and uncivilized, but he ended up showing her more love and kindness than her own brother even though he hardly knew her. He never owned her, in some ways he worshiped her and her beauty. She was going to be father to his children and Khaleesi to his tribe. He protected her when no one else would. He was her “sun and stars” and she was his “moon of my life.”

Zoe and Wash – Firefly


One of my favorite thing about Zoe and Wash on Firefly is that they are just a normal married couple. Even with all the hijinks and everything that is going on they are a married couple who love each, but who also have fights and disagree. If the show had gone on longer it would have been nice to see where that relationship had gone.

The little moments that they do have are so precious and show what a real relationship is like. Just little kisses and the scene where they are in bed together and Wash and Zoe just start joking around with each other. Not some drama heavy romance that is so enveloped in each other that they do not notice anything else, but a relationship where there is work that needs to get done and lives that keep moving forward.

One of my favorite scenes is in War Stories when Mal and Wash have been kidnapped and Zoe comes in to pay part of the money. Niska starts to speak and before he can finish asking which one she would like she says “That one” and points to Wash. Now partly it is obvious that Mal could last longer than Wash because he has been through combat before, but there is a part of me that thinks it is also because in the end if Zoe had to choose between Mal or Wash she would always choose Wash.

“I am a leaf on the wind watch how I soar” – Wash, Serenity

Amy and Rory – Doctor Who


Now for Doctor Who some people might say that it is Rose and the Doctor, but for me it is Amy and Rory. For one thing, it was amazing to see a married couple traveling with the Doctor. Yes, there were times of jealousy because Rory sometimes wondered if Amy loved the Doctor more than him. Rory was the one that was there for her and the one that would do anything for her.

With Amy and Rory, it is not just the fact that Rory waited 2,000 years to protect Amy, that even after waiting 36 years for rescue she still loves him, or that they are willing to break time because they cannot live without each other. They are willing to not just protect each other, but they would sacrifice their own happiness for the other person.

Some people thought the fact that Amy and Rory were split up at the beginning of Series 7 was ridiculous. At the same time I appreciated Amy’s reasoning. She loved Rory and knew that he wanted children. She also knew she could never give him that life because she could not have kids. Yes, there is adoption, etc., etc., but I could see how you could come to the same conclusion – “I have to give him up because I cannot give him everything he wants and I want him to have that life.” That is what real love is all about; it is not about yourself, it is about the other person.

Also, if that does not convince you, then remember: Amy gave up the Doctor in order to be with Rory. If you were in her shoes could you have done the same?

Carl and Ellie – Up

So, the first four I came up with pretty easily, but then I was sitting here thinking and thinking, because I really wanted to have five. I just liked the number and that is when David reminded me of Carl and Ellie from Up. As soon as he said it I could not believe it hadn’t come to me sooner. Maybe it is because it is such a brief moment in that movie and in the end we get distracted by everything else that is going on, but Carl and Ellie are what I want my marriage to be like.

They loved each other so much and Carl was so disappointed because he felt that he held Ellie back from living out her adventures. He becomes a recluse, a curmudgeon, angry at the world and angry at himself. He hatches such a harebrained scheme to try and make Ellie’s dreams come true even after she has died, only to discover that she had filled her adventure book up with all the time she spent with him. Her wedding, their house, birthdays, picnics, all the things they did together she kept in her adventure book. In the back Ellie writes “Thanks for all the adventures. Now go have a new one.”

They lived a long and happy life together, which is the greatest adventure Ellie could have asked for because it was with the person she loved. It was the same as flying to a foreign country or going on some crazy trip, but her life was full of love and that ended up being the most important thing for her.

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6 responses to “Favorite Fictional Relationships

  1. I loved Roslin and Adama together! I liked that, despite being at odds in the first couple seasons, they eventually became allies who respected each other and that it wasn’t one of those “Oh, I hate you much! Now we must kiss!” relationships. Also, it was nice to see an older romantic power couple, and, maybe because I’m closer in age to Kara and Lee and that whole set of characters, I always thought of them as SciFi Mom and Dad.

    I think my favorite canonical fictional relationships outside manga are probably Jack and Ianto from Torchwood, and, on a non-romantic note, Ten and Donna. It’s not that I don’t like Amy or Martha less because of the unrequited love aspect, but it was nice to have the Doctor have a really badass mutually platonic relationship with a straight woman. They are definitely my brOTP, so to speak.


    • Jack and Ianto were fabulous and Series 3 killed me. I love Ten and Donna, she is still my favorite companion. She just had the best relationship because they were best friends. She kept him grounded and he gave her the chance to be brilliant, but there did not need to be a romantic link between them. It was nice after the heavy romance of Rose and then the I want him, but can’t have him of Martha. Martha is my least favorite companion, not because of Martha herself, but the whole I want him, but he does not notice me was annoying to me.


      • Series 3! I think I’m becoming a masochist for tragic love/friend stories in non-romance media. I’d say 75% of my favorite relationships in sci-fi, manga, and just movies and literature in general end tragically.

        This has gotten so bad that I now am surprised when characters live and are happy at the conclusion. I think RTD, Moffat, and Yoshinaga Fumi broke me.


  2. I still feel like Paul and Chani should be on here! Just saying.


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