Trailer Watch : Game of Thrones

So I will admit, I was bad and did not get something written up for today, so instead I will have you all share in my excitement for the next season of Game of Thrones with the teaser that recently came out.

OMG!!! How awesome does that look and it isn’t really showing anything. I have read the books, so I am super excited, but also know where it is going. I found that on the Mary Sue they refer to a specific event of Season 3 as RW, and I have taken to doing that as well as to not spoil anyone. If you have read the books you know what I mean. I have family who has seen the show and not read the books, so they have no idea what is coming, although they all agree that Joffrey needs to die. So if you have read the books no spoilers, and if you haven’t read the books what are you looking forward to seeing in Season 3?

Who will live and who will die March 31.

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