Wolverine and the X-Men

It's Wolverine! And the X-Men! (Photo found on http://ifanboy.com/articles/review-wolverine-the-x-men-1/)

It’s Wolverine! And the X-Men! (Photo found on http://ifanboy.com/articles/review-wolverine-the-x-men-1/)

So I’m reading a comic now called Wolverine and the X-Men.

I know, right?

It seemed like such a ploy to bank on Wolverine’s popularity, and there is a tv show by the name which does seem to be just that. So when I was looking at Marvel’s new and growing lineup for a comic to read, Wolverine and the X-Men was not it.

But they’ve totally got me hooked. How, you ask? Let’s get you caught up.

Uncanny X-Force

I’ve mentioned I was reading Uncanny X-Force… this comic ended recently at the end of three years, looks like, but it began somewhere awesome: Some baddies are trying to resurrect and bring back Apocalypse, and it’s up to Wolverine and friends to take him down.

And what excellent friends: Psylocke, Archangel, Deadpool, and Fantomex. Fantomex was new to me, and in many ways, Uncanny X-Force is his comic. He is part-mutant, part-Sentinel, with three brains, a sentient flying ship, and a tiny cube which holds enough crazy to hold full mind AI and make M.C. Escher paintings.

Yep, these were a good read!

Yep, these were a good read!

So not to run you through the whole comic, but the Apocalypse they find is a clone – and still a child. And (spoilers) Fantomex does what they set out to do, and kills him. But then he grows a new clone, to raise in The World (the crazy cube of plotness) as a good guy.

Other excellent hijinks ensue, including some tie-ins with Captain Britain, and the Age of Apocalypse, which I loved as a concept. Always ready for a good alternate reality.

But okay, coming to a point here: We’ve got a Kid Apocalypse, who goes by the name Genesis. Where to send him? How about to Wolverine’s day job. As headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

Wolverine and the X-Men

Wait, what? Wolverine? Teaching?

So it would seem. I did some looking before I really bought into it. Cyclops seems to have continued to be a dick, but moved away from Xavier’s dream. Hanging out with Magneto. Stuff happens.

And Wolverine? Of all people, he seems to be the one holding on to the dream. And he has himself surrounded by Iceman, Shadowcat, Beast, and Rachel Grey (at some points Phoenix). Some pretty excellent folks. Oh, and several of them are also Avengers. And Wolverine is sneaking out and doing X-Force stuff. Seriously, does his power apparently make it so he doesn’t need to sleep?

So good adult characters, but I’ve always shied away from the “new mutants” sorts of comics. The young kids stuff seems like a constant sort of introduction-to-the-world set of characters, and they eventually graduate into the rest of the comics. And that may well be what happens here. But they seem to have really thought of some good kids that they plan to move into the future of the comics. Like a young mutant Brood. Kid Apocalypse with a hero complex. A young telepath who knows he’s really powerful (just ask him).

But more than the rest of this, it’s the humor that hooked me. Hijinks ensue. Toad is the janitor. The whole school is the danger room and randomly activates. Krakoa is the grounds. The Hellfire Club is now run by kids and causing trouble. It’s been so much fun.

It’s kind of sad keeping up with the comics, now… give it a little time, and they drop the price on the digital copies a lot. I bought the first eight issues for a dollar apiece, and now they’re gathering them together into what would be the trade paperbacks if they were in paper (and I think are available as those trade paperbacks as well). But I kind of like having a monthly comic, and I am loving this being it. Looking for one comic to read right now? Check out Wolverine and the X-Men!

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