Trailer Watch: Upside Down and Warm Bodies

Originally, this was going to be a Trailer Watch for the first four minutes of Warm Bodies, which you can still find after the jump. Then last night I was dinking around on my iPad, as you do, and went to IMDB to see if there were any new trailers posted. There was a couple of movies, Red 2, Evil Dead, etc, and then there was this movie called Upside Down. At first I skipped over it, but then noticed it was Kirsten Dunst and I had not seen anything with her in it for ages so I was curious. What I found was an incredibly innovative topic for a movie that defies the laws of physics.

Upside Down

The story in this movie could be terrible, but it does not look like it will be. If nothing else the movie is visually stunning and could be worth seeing on the big screen for that alone. The science has got to be so far gone from reality for the concept to even work, but sometimes it is fun to just say what if, and that is what this movie does.

Definitely going with a Romeo and Juliet vibe by a couple being torn apart by the planets that they come from. It is also intriguing to see that even if they are in a similar location their gravity is affected by their home planet (the scene with the office where cubicles are on the floor and ceiling). So what do you think: mind blown or lame new science fiction romance?

Warm Bodies

Speaking of science fiction romance here is another movie, although very different, inspired by Romeo and Juliet, Warm Bodies. In honor of it opening today and it being the first LitFlix to be reviewed the above clip is the first four minutes of the movie.

In the first four minutes I can already see a few places that they have changed the book, but they are minor changes at best and for a visual medium might work better than how the book did it. I will have to wait and see how it all plays out this weekend. Look for my comparison of the book and the movie next week.

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