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I told you that story to tell you this one… Epic Music Moments in Movies

Allow me to explain.

Sometimes, it seems like a whole movie can be encapsulated in a well-done sequence. And the best way to do that is usually with a song.

Sometimes, it’s a song that tells the whole back-story, and sets up the rest of the film. Sometimes, it’s the whole climactic ending for the characters. And I have one example of a music video that tells a whole movie in-and-of itself.

Yeah, you’ve maybe seen these, but let’s look at them all together here.

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Table Titans Does it Right

So it is not brand, brand new, but pretty close to it. Recently Scott Kurtz of PVP Online fame has started another web comic (kind of a spinoff, kind of not) called Table Titans. The comic is a great story about a group of D&D gamers and the adventures they find themselves on. I read the original adventure when it was on PVP Online, but recently noticed that Scott had given the D&D group their own comic strip.

Originally I was just reading the comic, but then I noticed the blog portion and started reading the stories. The web comic is great making jokes about all the things you run into playing tabletop RPG, but the stories are what really brings games like this to life. Continue reading

Final Fantasy Mobile

So I found some dangerous things on the App Store the other day.

Screenshots from the App Store for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

Screenshots from the App Store for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

I read that Theatrhythm Final Fantasy was available on the iOS. You have to understand, I’m a little much of a Final Fantasy fan. I got a PSP basically to play Dissidia (which then had a sequel come out!) and Crisis Core. And it was totally worth it. But I wasn’t sold on buying a 3DS just to play Theatrhythm – but now I don’t have to. Instead, I’ll just run the risk of paying the cost of one over the iOS… Continue reading

Trailer Watch: Coming in March

So excited for Game of Thrones starting end of March. The latest trailer looks amazing and I am pretty sure I know where they are making the split between the two shows, but am not positive so will have to wait and see.  Continue reading

Dearth of Local Co-Op in Games


David and I love to play games, together, all kinds of games, board, tabletop, video, etc. Now obviously with tabletop and board games you just have to find ones that are built for at least two players, we even have some that can be played as one player. Games specifically designed for two people is even better because it is built around the dynamic of either competition or working together (usually competition).

The problem with a lot of video games lately is that even if they do have a true co-op mode they often do not allow for local co-op. Now I will admit that maybe this boils down to the types of games we like to play, but at the same time if there is an online co-op mode, why can’t there be some form of local co-op? Continue reading