Top 5 Duels in Video Games

The other day in writing my post, I found a blog post about the Top Ten Magic Duels and Spell Battles. Good selection of battles, but only from movies and tv. That got me thinking about some of my favorites, and a lot are from games. So the following is my list of the top five Magic Duels and Spell Battles in Video Games!

“You’ve Freed Us All” – Hellscream and Thrall versus Mannoroth (Warcraft III)

How do you make Orcs into good guys? Or at least, likeable guys? Well, you can start by killing some demons and ending some curses. That’s exactly what happens here, as Blizzard makes us wonder… who’s good and who’s bad? Makes for some nice grey areas for World of Warcraft to live in.

“I Haven’t Got Time For This!” – Jon Irenicus Versus The World (Baldur’s Gate 2)

More than waking up in a torture chamber, more than working your way out of a labyrinth of crazy, this duel introduces and solidifies Jon Irenicus in the mind of the player as the ultimate villain. Watch as he takes on an entire city worth of mages, and basically one-shots each of them. In different ways.

Wait, we’re supposed to beat this guy somehow?

Liberi Fatali – Squall versus Seifer (Final Fantasy VIII)

Final Fantasy VIII has a varied reaction from the fan base, but few would disagree that the opening cutscene is phenomenal. Two main characters, giving each other scars, fighting a grudge match you spend the rest of the game playing out. Also, the music. If you have not seen this before, watch this video.

“What Else Could I Do? I Ran.” – Tyrael versus Two Prime Evils (Diablo 2)

This cutscene really wowed me at the time. And really, still does. It makes your character seem like such a small player, as you watch the Archangel Tyrael take on two Act bosses at once. And he does alright – he has time to stop and do some exposition, after all. You know, no pressure. Just fighting Diablo and Mephisto. It’s cool, he’s got this.

Valhalla – The Duel That Lasts For All Time (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

While we run around and try to dink around in the time stream in Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lightning and Caius are having the Ultimate Battle in Valhalla – forever. Again and again. Always. It is a timeless space, and it was happening, is happening, and will be happening. This duel was happening while all the other duels listed were happening. This is the duel winner. Except the duel has not yet been won. And has been won.

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