Supplemental LitFlix 2013

So as Holly and I were pulling together her pretty busy year in our last post, I kept asking about the comic movies, because there’s something to read and consider and compare there, too. Looking at how many movies we are expecting from books this year, I will have to agree with her: she’s got her work cut out for her.

So I’ll pretend to be helpful and read the comics for the comics-to-movies this year. Check out my plans below the fold!

May 3 – Iron Man 3

So what do I read for this? Decades of source material. I am planning on reading Ultimate Iron Man I and 2 – by Orson Scott Card. You know, just force myself to read some Orson Scott Card. I found this available through Marvel’s online store, and will be reading it through there!

May 17 – Star Trek Into Darkness

Based on comics? You ask. Okay, maybe not. However, I found the comic series Star Trek: Countdown after watching the Star Trek reboot, and have not sat down and finished reading it. This is the prequel story that ties original-universe trek to alternate-universe trek through the actions of Spock. And, you guessed it: Countdown to Darkness, the comic prequel to the new film, will be my comic to read and consider. I found this on the ComiXology app, and will be reading it there!

June 14 – Man of Steel

Oh man, I’m just not sure I care enough about Super Man for this one… Let me know if there is a good comic I should read. Otherwise, I may just watch this again:

June 28 – Kick-Ass 2

No Trailer yet.

I have not read the original Kick-Ass comic, but thought the movie was great, so I plan on reading one and two to prepare for this one. I found all of the comics for the original Kick-Ass on the ComiXology app, and will be reading Kick-Ass 2 in hardcover.

July 26 – The Wolverine

No Trailer yet.

I just finished all of Uncanny X-Force, and feel like I have a pretty good handle on Wolverine. There’s a lot to compare him to and all, so this will just be an interesting movie to watch in general. Oh, on Uncanny X-Force: not for the faint of heart. A little bit of the old Ultraviolence. I am enjoying Wolverine and the X-Men now: way lighter at heart. All this on the Marvel app!

August 2 – 300: Rise of an Empire

No Trailer yet.

I have not read 300 either, so I will read that for this one. Not actually seeing a comic inspiration for this one, so that should be interesting (if I have that wrong, let me know!) Found 300 on the Dark Horse app, so will be reading it there!

October 4 – Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

No Trailer yet.

Oh man, have I read many comics before the movies? (Watchmen!) Not Sin City, either, so I have some catching up to do here. Will be reading Sin City: The Hard Goodbye, and Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For. These are both coming paperback from Amazon.

November 8 – Thor: The Dark World

No Trailer yet.

So, where does one begin to read Thor? He exists so much as part of the Avengers, where and how does he stand on his own? I did find a comic adaptation of the Thor movie, so I’ll at least read that and see how it is. Thanks Marvel app! Other than that, I have not figured out what to read to prep for Thor, so if you have suggestions let me know!

Final word: where are all the trailers for these movies? Everybody is slacking!


3 responses to “Supplemental LitFlix 2013

  1. Looking harder and finding there are many more comics to be reading, like more Sin City and more Kick-Ass… here is some of the trouble with making good movies from comics: so much possible source material!


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