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Welcome to Comparative Geeks.

Stay a while and listen.

We are a married couple who regularly discuss and debate the finer points of geek culture. Thus comparative: we bring in a varied perspective to things, and like to compare book to movie, movie to game, show to comic, etc. We’ll be writing reviews and comparisons, as well as looking at larger topics in geekdom.

What kind of geeks, you ask? Well, we’re gamers. Tabletop, card, board, roleplaying, video… you know, gamers. We’re media geeks; we read books, blogs, comics; watch tv, movies, YouTube channels…

Why a blog? Well, we feel like we don’t always see the sorts of conversations we have happening out in the culture. Maybe we’re not looking hard enough; if so, point us the right way! Either way, we have something to say, and we plan to say it.

Check out our About page; contents subject to change at any moment! Here we list some of our favorites — long-standing favorites and current ones!

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And in closing, our cats, Merlin and Shadow!

This is why we don't get more writing done!!

This is why we don’t get more writing done!!

Don't let him fool you; he's crazy!

Don’t let him fool you; he’s crazy!

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