Doctor Who Series 8 Speculation – The Master

Long before Series 8 of Doctor Who started, there were rumors and speculation about the return of the Doctor’s old, eternal nemesis: the Master. Another Time Lord like the Doctor, the Master has been around on the show for decades, with all sorts of evil, sneaky, chaotic schemes.

The Master returned in recent years to be the one other Time Lord not trapped in the time-lock that holds in the Time War. That meant he was even more free to release his schemes on the universe – especially because the Doctor, the one person who could probably stop him, didn’t expect him.

He showed back up, was a connection to the Time Lords, who were manipulating him to return to the universe… and we now know the Time Lords could actually come back, so anything is possible! So even with the Master seemingly defeated and gone, I imagine that’s happened before in the past, and we should never consider him dead and gone. So the stage is set for the return of the Master – so what could happen with him? Thoughts and opinions to follow!

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First Impression: Peter Capaldi as the New Doctor

So unless you were hiding under a rock, or do not pay attention to media the way that I do, you could not have missed the fact that we got introduced to Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. Now whenever a new Doctor gets introduced there is always a question of who are they going to be. They are still the Doctor and have all the memories of the Doctor, but there are some personality quirks that have changed. The first episode of a new Doctor always holds some trepidation because we don’t know what is going to happen and how things are going to work out.

Now first off this was not the best first episode for a new Doctor, but at the same time I did like the story they seemed to tell about the Doctor. The thing I think is important to remember is that this new Doctor was not supposed to exist. He was on his last regeneration and it took an act by the Time Lords to let him continue on and have another regeneration. I cannot even imagine what that would do to you, but I think could be part of the reason that a Doctor that looks older is a good decision. (Spoilers for the latest episode of Doctor Who after the jump) Continue reading

The Impossible Girl – A Character Study of Clara Oswin Oswald

I had said that I was planning on a character study of Clara, and I was thinking of getting it written before Series 8 started. However, I instead just went with a poll about favorite companions instead. That was very successful – but with all those votes and comments, not a lot of Clara love. Curiosity, but not a lot of love.

I’m glad I waited. Deep Breath, the first episode of Series 8, was very heavily a Clara episode, and I think it helps inform who she is, and who she is going to be. So spoilers later on, for Deep Breath. But before that, I’m going to work through the iterations of Clara leading up to that point.

If you’re finding this post in the future, it’s worth noting that this post was written at a very specific moment in time: right after the start of Series 8. So who knows, what I’m saying might all be changed or proven wrong in the episodes to come!

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Book Review: The Child Thief

Cover of Child Thief by Brom

It took me longer than I expected, but I finally finished The Child Thief by Brom. Just because it took me a while does not mean I did not enjoy the story – because I did, but some of it was finding the time to read, and the other piece was that it took a while to get a grip on what the story was trying to tell. When I did start to see the full picture I definitely wanted to keep reading because I needed to know what would happen.

The biggest thing to remember is this is not the Peter Pan of your childhood. This story is one that takes us to a much darker place where Peter is not just simply a boy and the dreaded Captain is something else entirely.

Part of the reason that Child Thief is so intriguing is due to the fact that it actually combines a couple of different stories that we know and love. One is obviously Peter Pan, which is the most prominent of the stories as Peter is the main protagonist. The other is a little surprising at first and is probably only subtly connected, but it is the Arthurian legends. I will explain more a little bit later, but Brom did a brilliant job of combining these two stories. The other piece is the way they mix the storytelling from Peter to one of the boys that Peter ends up “stealing” away named Nick. We get both of their perspectives, to give us the contrasting viewpoints. This helps give us a connection to someone from the real world that we can understand to help us see what this new world is supposed to be like. Continue reading

ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge

So last Saturday I posted a little bit about the Ice Bucket challenge because Disney CEO Bob Iger and Robert Downey Jr both participated and it made me so happy. Now it seems to have exploded across the Internet and especially with celebrities. Every day more and more are participating in the challenge. It has been amazing to see the people who actually talk about the disease to try and bring a little awareness. In reality I wonder how far in education this really goes, but if nothing else the millions of dollars that have been raised is nothing to laugh at.

Part of the reason this is the post that I am doing for tonight is that David and I just got back from a memorial service for a dear family friend who passed away from ALS. They had been struggling with the disease for 5 and a half years and the toll it has taken on the person, the friends, and their family has been immense. I know the family very well because I grew up living across the street from them and was a frequent baby sitter to their children. ALS is such a devastating disease and the service we went to tonight is a reminder of how much it takes away. It is not just that the person whom you love is potentially dying because death is honestly not the worst outcome. You end up trapped in your body, possibly unable to communicate. Our dear friend was lucky that they could still communicate in some way almost to the end.

The back page of the memorial service bulletin was an ice bucket challenge that people are doing in our friend’s memory. Now David and I are not ourselves participating in the ice bucket dumping part of the challenge because we won’t be available. Instead we will be donating to the ALS Association at If you have participated in the challenge good for you, but please remember that passing the information along and donating are the two main points. This disease is so unpredictable and that is part of what is so devastating about it. After the jump see what other celebrities have participated in the challenge! Continue reading

Who’s Your Favorite Doctor Who Companion?

Not much to say tonight, been a busy one, a planning one. But we’re excited for the return of Doctor Who this weekend! So here’s a little Doctor Who poll to get us in the spirit.

We’re only familiar with the newer seasons of Who, but there’s a write-in option if you’d like to vote for some of the earlier companions!