M is for Mordin

There were a lot of choices for characters for M. At one point I thought about doing Morrigan from Dragon Age, but felt that I needed to give her a bit more time than I feel I have right now. So, instead I decided to go with a different franchise that we loved from around the same time and settled on Mordin Solus from Mass Effect. Mordin was introduced in Mass Effect 2 as the Salarian scientist who had worked on the genophage project against the Krogan. Mordin believes in doing the right thing, but believes that there are multiple paths to get there. He is not motivated by the heart, but by logic and truth. If the end will make things better then how you get there is okay. The genophage is a good example because they seriously altered the course of Krogan history and even culture by changing their biology, but the Krogan would have spread and destroyed like locusts if they had not been stopped. It was a situation that did not have many good answers and Mordin came up with a solution and stands by it. At the same time he is open to discussion about a different way. Continue reading

L is for Lucy

LSo we generally reserve our character studies – like we’ve been doing for the A to Z Challenge – for looking at established characters. However, my original plan for today was to cover Lightning from Lightning Returns – a topic we’ve written about a lot. And I’ve talked a lot about video game characters lately too. So instead I thought I would do a speculative piece about a character – and why I find this character interesting before ever seeing the movie.

That character is Lucy, of the new eponymous film Lucy by Luc Besson. Lucy is going to be played by Scarlett Johansson. So, I am fascinated by this film based on both of these factors. Haven’t heard about Lucy yet? The trailer just came out, so check it out!

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K is for Kennex

KToday I am going to take a quick look at what we know so far of Detective John Kennex from Almost Human. Almost Human takes place in 2048 where technology has advanced at a pace that the police cannot keep pace. Detective Kennex grew up with the increase in technology and the lack of police and laws cannot keep up with the changes. Due to the lack of man power every officer is assigned a combat ready android as their partner. Kennex is one who does not think that this move is the right one for moving forward and actively tries to thwart being assigned an android. Instead he gets paired with an old model android that was about to be decommissioned due to it behaving, what some would say is erratic and others called human. The pairing of Kennex with an android that is not all logic makes for an interesting repartee between the two of them. Kennex character is particularly interesting. The son of a cop, betrayed by someone he loves, and having to live as part machine for the rest of his life.

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J is for Jon Irenicus

JBaldur’s Gate 2 holds a place in my heart as my favorite game. It had a lot going for it, and that little company Bioware that made it you may have heard of before. However, I think a lot of the success and nostalgia come from the excellent voice acting, this being one of the earlier games to really do this well.

Meaning that the driving force behind it, the best voice acting, the plot, all comes back to the villain, Jon Irenicus. He is a rare sort of character in a fantasy world: an evil elf. Doesn’t happen very often; Elves are usually various shades of good, or else maybe there are Dark Elves who are evil. But Jon Irenicus gets to put all the years of experience learning how to be a mage into action as an evil one, and it is scary.

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I is for Ianto Jones

IIanto Jones is a great character from Torchwood, partly because he character grows. He starts out as someone trying to stay below the radar with plenty of secrets. He eventually becomes a trustworthy friend, ally, and companion. As he gains more trust he gets more responsibilities and even though he starts as a kind of door man, he eventually is going out on missions with the rest of the team. Besides his work as a member of Torchwood he gets in to a relationship with Captain Jack Harkness and while at first it seems casual it definitely blooms in to something more. Continue reading

H is for Hermione and Harry

HSo maybe you’ve heard about it, and maybe you haven’t, but recently Harry Potter series author J.K. Rowling did an interview saying that she thought that Hermione Granger and Harry Potter should have ended up together, instead of Hermione and Ron Weasley.

In keeping with our A to Z challenge, I will look a bit at why this doesn’t work for these characters, but I also want to look at the idea of an author making these sorts of declarations or changes after the fact. So it’s sort of a character study… hey, they both start with H, that has to count for something, right?

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