S is for Samus

SThe metroid games are fun action based games with some interesting mechanics. As the capabilities of the systems has increased so has what you are able to do as Samus. I admit that I have not played all of the Metroid games, but the ones I have played I have loved. The suit is one of the greatest things ever and I think my favorite part is being able to somehow transform into a ball and roll around. It is a great combination of of shooter and puzzle. The suit is used for power plays as well as tricks. It is a fun time.

Now the interesting thing about Samus is that the character is female. In some ways I question whether a gender is necessary for the character because they are in the suit. In some ways people may assume that Samus is a guy and so having it be a female is a great surprise. At the same time it is great when the character can be ambiguous and anyone can put themselves in to the character. Continue reading

R is for Rory Williams

RI had a few different ideas for characters that start with the letter R, but really, only one of them would show up out of space and time and kick my butt for not including him. And that would be Rory Williams. This poor guy goes through so much… basically anything that could happen to a time traveller, and maybe then some.

Erased from time and space, reborn as a duplicate outside his own control, lives for two thousand years waiting for time to catch up with him… he’s fought vampires, Daleks, Weeping Angels, and even dinosaurs. On a spaceship. While he wasn’t considered the “main” companion for the Doctor at the time, he was a great addition to Doctor Who, and a very grounded character besides. So let me look at a few of the interesting aspects of Rory!

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Q is for Quark

QQ was definitely a more difficult letter to come up with a character for. There were a couple options, some seemed too obvious, but then I stumbled across Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Quark is the owner of the bar by the same name on the space station. He is a Ferengi, so his ideas of how to do business, and live life in general fall under that mindset. At the same time by being on the space station he spends a lot of time around a lot of other races, which makes him a little more open to other ideas. It has been a while since I have watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but I remember really liking Quark. He was such an interesting character partly due to the customs of the Ferengi and dealing with a lot of other cultures. Continue reading

P is for Peter Petrelli

PHeroes had one of the best first seasons of a show in recent memory, which in part stands out because it had such a decline thereafter. I have always held it was the writer’s strike that killed the show, as season 2 seemed to be going somewhere, and then in a rush to finish the season, they took all the easy ways out. They lost most of their viewership then, Holly and I included.

That all said, I am cautiously optimistic at the thought of Heroes Reborn, the reboot of the Heroes world, and it has me reminiscing on the show. And thinking back to that driving character: Peter Petrelli. While the early seasons never really had a “team” of Heroes or anything quite like that, there was nonetheless the obvious choice for who would find them, and who would lead them. Peter Petrelli, the man whose power was the use the powers of those he met. The one who knew, unlike the others, that they weren’t alone – that they were in it together.

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O is for Olaf

ODavid and I only watched Frozen a few weeks ago because the initial trailers had not made the movie look that interesting. One of the issues I had was actually that Olaf was going to be an annoying gimmick and not a fully formed character. You often see this in movies and it usually comes across more annoying than anything else. When I heard about how popular Frozen was and still is I knew that we needed to make an effort to see it and was pleasantly surprised. One of the surprising things was that I really did love Olaf, he was a great character and was fun to watch on screen. The part that was great about him is that he is so child like, it creates an innocence and amazement as to what is going on. Everything is incredible to Olaf, which makes him fun to watch. Continue reading

N is for Naruto

NI feel like our character list needed an anime character, and I don’t think there is one that we have watched more of than Naruto. We have watched the whole run of Naruto, and into Naruto Shippuden, but not all of it. So many episodes! Hulu is a good place to watch, as they have the episodes subtitled.

So while the show is named after him, he isn’t the whole show – there’s a large ensemble cast of various ninjas, who are all awesome. They’re not all Rock Lee, but still, awesome. But amongst all of these characters, there’s something about Naruto himself, the mystery factor, and the focus that is brought upon him, and the steps he has to take as a character, that all add up to him being a strong choice for title and main character.

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